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General Service Wagon

 The GS wagon was the culmination of many years’ research and development, a versatile vehicle with which a pair of horses could pull 1.5 tonnes easily on good roads, but which needed up to 4 pairs or more across soft ground. The Mk X GS wagon was the first truly standardized military transport vehicle – whether made in Woolwich, Swindon, Australia or Canada, all parts were interchangeable and easily repaired in the field and, by minimal use of steel in the composite construction, the unladen weight was kept to 15 cwt – about 750 kg - so the most that a pair of horses would be expected to draw would be a little over 2 tons, a reasonable load on a level road. An official edict made it a punishable offence for unauthorized personnel to ride in a transport vehicle, on the premise that the horses had enough to pull without the additional weight of idle soldiers - an edict most commonly ignored by Australian troops. On the Western Front and in other theatres, until MT was available, GS wagons would move stores from the railheads to the Divisional ‘Dump’, whence Unit Transport would resupply the Brigades’ 2nd echelon. To avoid congestion and delays loaded wagons would use the paved roads and empty wagons would use the adjacent fields, with much movement at night.