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Park Drag and Regimental Coach 

The collection also includes two beautiful Park Drags, both having been built in about 1875.  

The first Park Drag was constructed by the highly esteemed carriage company of Holland & Holland Ltd in London. This carriage was obtained for the Corps in the summer of 1938 by 
Colonel Reginald Kerr of the RASC and it was successfully driven by him both before and  after WW2. Now known as the Sir Reginald Kerr Coach, this Park Drag is still in regular use 
today, and we enjoy taking Corps parties to special events, such as Royal Ascot.

Construction of the second Park Drag is believed to have been started by a firm of master  coachbuilders in Europe before it was brought over to the UK for completion by a City of London-based coachbuilder. This Park Drag came into the Corps’ ownership shortly after WW2, and it is also in regular use for special events and displays. 

Until 1971 the carriages were drawn by teams of military horses and routinely driven by  Corps Officers and Soldiers but, in that year, the army decided that its young Corps officers no longer needed to learn to drive horses and the RCT lost its equestrian school. This led to the Corps retiring its Park Drags to the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace for use by members of the highly esteemed Coaching Club (the RASC had been invited to become a member as early as 1923). However, in 1991, the RCT decided to take back the 2 Park Drags and, after a suitable refurbishment, they were proudly brought back into Corps use.